Beach Bowen, Beach Feet

Anna and Graeme Dicker
3A Ross St
Lennox Head 2478
Lennox Head, Ballina, Northern Rivers, NSW

Anna and Graeme Dicker offer Bowen Therapy at an advanced level in our clinic at Lennox Head.

Graeme is also a qualified Reflexologist offering Maternity Reflexology as his specialty. He also offers Chinese Reflexology (a 10 day course to support major life changes) and Chi (a pick me up energy boost) Reflexology.

Welcome to Bowen by the Beach

Anna is a Registered Nurse/Midwife and has been practising the Bowen Technique since 1999. She was the founding chairperson of the Research Committee of the Bowen Association of Australia and has had 3 papers published on the subject by the Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing.
Graeme is also a very experienced Bowen Therapist. We practice Bowtech which is the original Bowen work as taught by Tom Bowen.

Bowen Technique is a gentle non invasive therapy that causes a deep relaxation in the body, allowing it to heal itself. It has been shown to be effective in a wide range of conditions such as those involving pain, restricted movement, depression, stress -the list goes on.
$65 per session.

Graeme specialises in Maternity Reflexology and has a huge following of local mums to be (and past clients). It improves circulation to all areas of the body, balancing energy pathways for optimum health. Cost
1st visit $65, then $25 weekly.
"all the girls say labours are shorter and easier after relexology and soooo relaxing".

Chinese Reflexology is an intense 10 day course - 1/2 hour/day supporting major changes such as quit smoking, weight loss, relationship breakdown or to give you a new lease of life when your energies are at a low ebb.
$500 for the course.

Chi Reflexology is a delightful and gentle treatment which acts as a real 'pick me up' and energy boost.
Traditional Reflexology acknowledges that the health of the body is reflected in the feet, hands and ears. Your health problems in the body can be addressed by this stimulating and energizing therapy which opens the energy pathways in the feet allowing the body to have a chance to heal itself.
Chi and Traditional Reflexology - $65

Please note we treat babies for free and have VERY special childrens' rates. We treat babies free any day by appointment and like to see them shortly after birth. Bring your baby for this unique experience to set them up for life. Learn how to do the moves yourself to relieve colic and irritable babies. It literally only takes a few minutes. –Do they cry? Certainly not. You will find Bowen helps for colic, irritability, poor sleepers and fussy feeders as well as the neck that does not seem quite right. After all baby goes through the contortions of the birth process. Bowen is particularly important for babies who have had prolonged and difficult labours.

Our clients can claim reflexology health insurance rebates from many funds.
We are at 3A Ross Street Lennox Head opposite the entrance to the Caravan Park at lake Ainsworth.

You will enjoy your treatment in our clinic which overlooks the beautiful Lennox Head beach. The sound of the breaking waves adds to the delicious personal experience you will feel with us.

Our clients say :

‘…surprised that so little movement provided such relief’.

‘I have truly been amazed at the improvement in my longstanding problem. I had freedom of movement and reduced pain that I had not experienced for years’.

‘…the lightness in my back and limbs was amazing. I felt like I could leap and recalled this is how I felt in my 20s –I am now 42, so a great outcome for me was to have my body NOT collapse and to experience a ‘flashback’ of how a well maintained healthy me could feel’.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you resolve whatever needs working on - or for sheer enjoyment.

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Anna is a Registered Nurse and Midwife and has a Diploma Of Bowen Therapy
Graeme has A Certificate IV of Bowen Therapy and has a Diploma of Reflexology. He also has quallifications in Chinese and Chi Reflexology.

Anna - Diploma Bowen Therapy. Ba Health Science (Nursing), MA Community Development -Emergency Management.

Graeme- Diploma Reflexology, Cert IV Bowen Therapy.

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